Longhorn’s Soma Caravan Initiative partners with Caroline Mutoko to equip Kasarini Primary School with books

The Longhorn Soma Caravan Initiative partnered with Caroline Mutoko to equip Kasarini Primary School with books on 14th March 2018. The Initiative seeks to supplement the efforts of the Government in ensuring a book ratio of 1 to 1 in all schools countrywide, The Publisher aims to distribute 1 million books to hundreds of community schools all around the country.
The Caravan mainly targets public community schools due to a high presence of orphans, children from single parent homes, children escaping early marriages and those staying with distant relatives because of challenging situations at home.

The main aim of the Soma Caravan is to end the cycle of poverty due to lack of quality education. One of the drivers of illiteracy at many of these schools is the lack of access to books and reading material hence the level of literacy, numeracy and educational attainment remains low. This in turn feeds the cycle of poverty as these children grow up without the skills necessary to succeed in our rapidly advancing society.

To support the initiative, Longhorn Publishers seeks partners who would be interested in working with them either across single geographical areas, by targeting specific types of institutions, sponsoring specific schools or coming on board as global partners.

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