Board of Directors

Message from the Chairman

Fostering excellence in Education and Publishing since 1965

Longhorn Publishers boasts a rich history, shaping the educational landscape for decades. Our commitment to excellence has driven us to create innovative learning materials, leaving an indelible mark on education. Through challenges and triumphs, our legacy endures, fueled by a passion for empowering minds and fostering a brighter future.


On behalf of the Board of Directors, I extend our sincere gratitude for your unwavering support. Our commitment to excellence in education remains steadfast. Together, we navigate challenges and embrace opportunities. As we continue writing our story, your trust fuels our dedication to delivering quality learning materials. Thank you for being part of the Longhorn family.

F.T. Nyammo, OGW, MBS

Hon F.T. Nyammo

Group Chairman

Truphosa Kwaka-Sumba

Non-Executive Director

Maxwell Wahome

Group Managing Director

Emma Miloyo

Non-Executive Director

Dr. Dancun Irungu

Non-Executive Director

Fred Murimi

Non-Executive Director

Muigai Githu

Non Executive Director (Independent)

Enid Muriuki

Company Secretary

Ali Hassan Kassim

Non-Executive Director

Thomas Omondi

Non-Executive Director

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