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Who We Are

Longhorn Publishers PLC is the leading Publisher of quality educational and creative books in the East and Central African region.

We are publicly listed Pan-African publishing house that has grown its dominance as a leading content developer in the region since its incorporation in 1965. We take pride in delivering world-class learning solutions with a range of well researched education products and services to governments, public and private institutions, professional bodies and individual leaners across Africa.

We have subsidiaries in Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Cameroon and Democratic Republic of the Congo. The Group has continued its expansion within the continent through establishment of partnerships in Zambia and Malawi.

There are over 700 approved titles across pre-primary, primary and secondary levels of education in these countries which exhibits our capability and capacity to produce content specific to an education system’s needs and cultural aspirations of the people of a particular country.


Our Mission

To enrich lives through knowledge

Our Vision

To be the number one provider of innovative learning solutions in Africa.

Our Values

Integrity, innovation, professionalism, get it done.

Who We Are

Our History

Longhorn was incorporated in May 1965 as Longmans of Kenya, a wholly owned subsidiary of Longman Group International of the United Kingdom. At that time, it was mainly a sales promotion office handling Longman publications published in the UK.

In December 1969, the company changed name to Longman Kenya Limited. During the 1970s, a limited local publishing programme was started and around the same time, a few Kenyans were invited to join the Board of Directors.

In the 1980s Longman UK sold 40% of its shareholding to Kenyans with a further 20% being sold in 1991. Finally, in 1993, Longman UK fully divested from the company when it sold its remaining 40% shareholding to Kenyans. As a result of this divestiture, the company changed its name to Longhorn Kenya Limited.

On 30th May 2012 Longhorn Kenya was listed in the Nairobi Securities Exchange and changed its name to Longhorn Publishers limited. In 2018, Longhorn Publishers Limited changed its name to Longhorn Publishers PLC.

Who We Are

Our Products & Services


Longhorn has developed content in the following areas:

Course content:  This is the main content used in classrooms to deliver the curriculum. We have developed course content approved by the curriculum bodies in 8 African countries. We pride ourselves in developing content using local authors supported by an experience team of editors and designers who ensure that the quality of the products developed is world class.

Creative works:  We have developed readers for children and adults in over 20 African languages to promote literacy in learners. Our readers are adapted to the different countries we operate in through local illustrations and capturing the local environment.

Reference materials: We have developed Atlases for different countries in order to promote the teaching of the country’s history and culture.

Revision materials: These are supplementary materials aimed at preparing the students for their national exams. They are a combination of short notes, questions and answers.

Digital platforms: We offer an AI-powered eLearning Platform called Kalamu and tailor-made interactive LH eBooks. Our platform is designed to provide personalized support for teachers and learners, making education more engaging and accessible.


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Who We Are


We are ISO 9001:2015 certified, a milestone that solidifies our commitment to the highest standards of quality. This certification not only demonstrates our dedication to continuous improvement but also has far-reaching implications for our operations.

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