Longhorn Publishers, Stewart Samkange Hold Book Reading Session

Stewart Samkange is by day the SAP SuccessFactors East Africa Director. He recently took time off his busy schedule to read ‘Tukutu Learns a Lesson’ off the Longhorn Publishers Integrity Series to Kiota Kindergarten pupils. His contagious energy and dramatic narration hooked children and adults alike to the world of Tukutu from start to finish.

From his engrossing storytelling, it was clear that the children appreciated the session, which he complemented by asking questions and giving free books to the eager learners. Aided by renowned performing artist and entertainer ‘Boneless’ Thyaka, Stewart concluded his reading session with a song on how children should handle strangers.

His parting shot, “Don’t let your inner child die, let him out! Have fun reading with children, be animated and excited when reading. It’s the only way they will learn to love reading. As adults, we get so lost in our busy lives that we forget how to have fun.”

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