Longhorn participates in the Nanyuki Regional Bookfair

True to its commitment as an active member of the Kenya Publishers Association, Longhorn Publishers PLC participated in the annual regional Bookfair in Nanyuki at the Cedar Mall. The main purpose of the regional Bookfair was to promote a reading culture in smaller towns and provide an insight and understanding into the publishing industry to those attending.

Various government officials graced the Bookfair namely Yusuf Karayu, the County Director of Education, John Akaale County Executive of Education ICT & Social Development and Jane Mutua, the Deputy County Director for TSC, all from Laikipia County.

Longhorn’s primary objectives in the Nanyuki Bookfair were:

  1. Marketing & Sales: To increase brand visibility of Longhorn Publishers in Nanyuki, position ourselves as a leading provider of innovative learning materials, Creation of brand awareness and appetite that resulted in the sale of the new e-learning tablet, revision books and reference books.
  2. Digital Products: Longhorn introduced their e-learning tablets that come pre-loaded with KICD approved content. The tablets retail at Kshs 6,000/=. Call 07xxxxxx to order yours.
  3. CSR: We donated learning material and foodstuff to the CEDC Children’s Home Nanyuki as part of Longhorn’s Soma Caravan initiative in partnership with Kenya Publishers Association.

The Primary Smart Score Encyclopaedia for higher classes was very popular with students as was the Comprehensive Primary Atlas and Mastering Primary Science. Solving Problems Mathematics by C.Muturi was a hit for secondary students as well as Solving Problems Chemistry that remains wildly popular among students and teachers.

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