Tamasha Ya Kiswahili

The Tamasha ya Kiswahili conference, a conference attended by over 100 secondary school students is meant to promote the appreciation of Kiswahili as a language in Secondary school brings together renowned Kiswahili authors to talk about their journey as authors as well as to debate upon the modern-day challenges facing the use or misuse of Kiswahli as spoken and written language.

Longhorn was represented by noted Kiswahili authors  namely; Ken Walibora; author of the highly popular set book Siku Njema, Wallah Bin Wallah; recognised author of the widely used primary course book Kiswahili Mufti. 

During the conference, Longhorn Publisher PLC launched the newly revised Kamusi ya Karne ya 21. This is the third edition of the Kamusi which has been revised to include new translation of technological and scientific English words and terms.

Longhorn Publishers PLC also introduced 864, a mobile messaging service that delivers meanings of Kiswahili words and phrases on your mobile phone.

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