Longhorn Publishers Releases New Books For The Primary Segment

Longhorn Publishers PLC as recently released new books for the Primary segment under the revision, course books and reference categories.

The new books are aimed at providing students with a complete set of learning tools to improve their learning experience. The new products are Longhorn Grade 4 Coursebooks, Mastering KCPE Series and the Comprehensive Primary School Atlas, 2019 Edition.


In accordance with the Competency-Based Curriculum, Longhorn released course books for grade 4 pupils. The books comprehensively and exhaustively cover the new competency-based curriculum for Primary schools.

The Grade 4 coursebooks provide a range of practical activities that empower learners to solve everyday problems by applying their creativity and critical thinking skills.

The books also have extended activities that allow learning to take place at home hence giving parents or caregivers a chance to contribute to the learning outcomes for their children.

Content is presented in a simple consistent way and clearly gives a complete road map to excellence within the levels of the learners.

Books available in this series are:
1. Longhorn English Activities Grade 4
2. Longhorn Mwanga wa Kiswahili Gredi ya 4
3. Longhorn Umilisi wa Kiswahili Gredi ya 4
4. Longhorn social Studies Grade 4
5. Longhorn Art and Craft Grade 4
6. Longhorn Méthode de Français 4 (French)


The New Mastering KCPE Series is a comprehensive revision books that’s been developed in line with the entire primary level curriculum. The books contain actual KCPE questions (KCPE 1995-2019) tested over the years in each content area in order to provide a thorough KCPE revision experience.

The books have been written by a team of teachers who are highly experienced in teaching the subjects and setting KCPE examinations. Mastering KCPE is ideal for students in class 5,6,7 and 8.

Books available in this series are:
1. Kolea katika KCPE Kiswahili (Sarufi na Insha)
2. Kolea katika KCPE Kiswahili (Kusikiliza na Kuzungumza, Msamiati, Ufahamu,Ushairi na Fungukate)
3. Mastering KCPE English Grammar
4. Mastering KCPE English Comprehension and Composition
5. Mastering KCPE Mathematics
6. Mastering KCPE Science
7. Mastering KCPE CRE
8. Mastering KCPE Social Studies


The Newly revised Comprehensive Primary Atlas is the ideal companion for Pupils, teachers, parents and the general public that contains comprehensive geographical, social and historical facts.

The Atlas contains 100 pages of Counties information that features position and size of each County, economic activities, physical features, sub-counties and constituencies.

The Atlas also contains updated facts on infrastructural development, transport and communication, regional, continental and world economic cooperation. it has captured recent constitutional changes in Kenya and other contemporary developments in the region and the world.

The Comprehensive Primary School Atlas is the recommended Atlas for Primary Schools.


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