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Longhorn Publishers PLC is the leading publisher of quality educational and creative books in the East, Central and South African regions. We take pride in delivering world-class learning solutions with a range of well researched education products and services to governments, public and private institutions, professional bodies, and individual learners across Africa.

50+ Years in Operation

1000+ Books Published

9 African Countries

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We strive to stay ahead of the curve and advance education and publishing In Africa. As such we have a diverse range of products and services that include;

My Bidhaa

This is our e commerce platform dedicated to making the process of buying books and stationery convenient and stress free.

LOHO Learning

Our cutting-edge eLearning platform with interactive educational content, and comprehensive learning management systems.

Publishing Services

We work with aspiring authors to help them navigate the self publishing journey from manuscript to publishing to distribution.

Language Services

We offer high quality translation and interpretation services to companies and individuals in Africa and beyond.

LOHO E Books

Digital study materials created by professionals, (scientists, editors or teachers) You no longer need to

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