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Having been in the business for many decades, Longhorn Publishers PLC has built a formidable reputation in publishing both academic & non-academic books. Through the newly created Longhorn Publishing Services, we are extending the same meritorious services to anyone wishing to self-publish. We are the leading publishers offering professional editing & publishing services to our clients who seek to self-publish. We pride ourselves in providing solutions to customers who are looking for a one-stop shop for editing & publishing services. We use our knowledge & expertise to relentlessly improve your ideas.


Our Services

Our publishing services team appreciates that publishing is a journey and not a destination. As such we are equipped to suppport and guide you through the entire journey from concept to print to post print.

Manuscript Evaluation

Wondering if your manuscript is ready for publication? We professionally assess the strengths and weaknesses of manuscripts and suggest publishing services that will have the greatest impact on refining your book.

End-to-end book production

Publishing is a multi-stage process that includes writing, editing, design and layout, proofreading, printing and distribution. We offer the full range of publishing services to our clients.


As a final stage to publishing, we carefully polish your content checking for errors to ensure consistency in grammar, spelling, punctuations and formatting. We make your content more appealing before publishing.

Editorial Training

Hands-on learning enhances retention. We offer hands-on editorial training on writing, proofreading, editing for tone and clarity and rewriting content as our commitment to expanding minds.


We revise written content to correct grammar, re-organise content and presentation to ensure that it clearly touches your specific audience

Design & Layout

We artistically style and format text and sequence various elements of a book into a coherent beautiful book design.


We help you convert written information into computer readable formats to enable you achieve your strategic objectives.


We repurpose electronic and printed products into agile digital or print assets that will conveniently increase user experience.


We partner with experienced printers to mass-produce quality texts so that your book stands out.

Project Management

Your success is our business. We ensure quality by managing editorial processes to ensure efficiency in our services.

Our Process

How We Do It

At Longhorn Publishing Services, we stand as the backbone for aspiring authors, guiding them through each step of their literary venture.

From the inception of a manuscript, our seasoned editors meticulously proofread and refine the content, ensuring a polished and error-free narrative.

Our dedicated design and layout team then crafts a visually engaging format that complements the essence of the work.

As the manuscript takes shape, our comprehensive editing services provide a final layer of refinement.

With an unwavering commitment to excellence, we seamlessly transition from manuscript to print, offering high-quality production services.

With Longhorn, authors can trust that their literary aspirations are not only realized but elevated to new heights.

Our Clients

Who We Work With


We enable you to self publish your stories, memoirs, autobiographies, research, etc in the most professional way possible.


We assist with editing, design and publishing of reports, project documents, surveys and other relevant publications.

Government Bodies

We collaborate with government agencies, providing editing, design, and printing services for official documents, reports, and publications to enhance clarity and visual appeal.

Religious Organisations

We collaborate closely with religious institutions, offering tailored editing, design, and printing services for their religious texts, newsletters, and educational materials.


We mentor young writers and publish school magazines, revision materials and other school publications.

Academic Institutions

We provide support for editing, design, and printing needs related to scholarly publications, research reports, and educational materials.

Professional Associations

Longhorn supports professional associations by offering comprehensive publishing services, including proofreading, editing, design, and printing, to produce industry-relevant journals, magazines, and publications.


Longhorn extends its services to a diverse range of clients encompassing small presses, emerging writers' collectives, corporate entities, international publishers, and many more.

Our Guarantee

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Ready to get started on your self-publishing journey? We are eager to hear from you and get you started to help you achieve your publishing goals. You can reach out directly to the Publishing services team through the following contacts;

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